DashMagiq® DLP Workflow

You implemented the best Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to prevent data loss. Now is your team struggling with the daily deluge of DLP incidents?

DashMagiq® reduces cost of incident remediation and increases effectiveness, leveraging the capabilities of DLP and inbuilt workflow to route and resolve incidents quickly.


Product Details

DashMagiq® DLP Workflow helps in resolving DLP incidents using simple questionnaires, custom workflows, and orchestration. It also provides a customizable dashboard that the Information Security team can access easily to view, manage, and route the DLP incidents.

DashMagiq® DLP Workflow automates your DLP GRC process by integrating with your existing DLP as an addon. DashMagiq® is architected to work with any DLP and multiple DLPs in your environment. DashMagiq® currently has active integrations with DLP solutions from Symantec, McAfee, Microsoft 365, Google, Digital Guardian, Clear Swift, ZScaler, and Palo Alto. We can integrate with any other DLP, if needed.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

DashMagiq® DLP Workflow uses workflows and automation to reduce incident remediation cost and improve effectiveness. Rule based assignment of incidents to stakeholder makes the process faster and more accurate. To ensure adequate control and monitoring, periodic reminders and escalations are triggered. The incident remediation process is properly tracked from its initiation till closure. Depending on the organizational policies, the investigation could pass through multiple levels and stakeholders before the incident is closed. Documentation and audit trail for the incident are automatically created. Ability to work with any DLP and multiple DLPS enables continuation of same automated workflow when one or more DLPs are changed.

Why should you invest in DashMagiq® DLP Workflow?

DashMagiq® DLP Workflow working as an addon to your existing DLPs helps WHEN:

  • Surge in incidents clogs your Incident Response process.
  • Delays in approval from business stakeholders results in SLA slippage and increased effort in your DLP incident remediation process.
  • There is a need to process all DLP policy updates through a custom approval workflow.
  • Integration with 3rd party tools is the only way to meet your requirements.
  • Documentation and audit trail requirements are difficult and expensive to comply with.
  • Meeting reporting needs of your organization eats into too much time of the Info Sec team.

Product Benefits

DashMagiq® DLP Workflow customers have reported the following tangible benefits:

  • Incident Responders handle 4-times more incidents per shift.
  • Reporting efforts reduced by 90% and human errors eliminated.
  • 60%+ improvement in meeting SLA for resolving incidents.
  • Incidents closed in half the time.
  • Automatic routing and workflow enabled SLA adherence.
  • Average time to release quarantined emails reduced from hours to minutes.
  • Huge savings during compliance audits.

Product Videos

DashMagiq® Overview

DashMagiq® is an automated solution that helps in resolving DLP incidents quickly and efficiently using simple questionnaires and workflows. It also provides a customizable dashboard that the Information Security team can access easily to view, manage, and route the DLP incidents.

This short video gives you a glimpse of DashMagiq®’s features and how the automated solution, as an add-on to your existing DLP software, can effectively work for incident remediation.

DashMagiq® DLP Workflow Demo

This demo shows how DashMagiq® helps remediate data loss incidents efficiently. DashMagiq® can work with DLP or CASB solutions. For this demo we are using Symantec DLP as the data loss prevention software.


Clients Speak

What our clients say about us

I just wanted to take a second and re-iterate what great work you are doing. Things look great so far. Great progress for such a short period of time.

Thanks for all the effort and the great work! It is appreciated.

Senior Product Manager

VidyaMagic™ has helped us manage our entire process of creating instruction manuals for school teachers.
We have been able to publish and produce more than 150 titles, with an average of 200 pages in each, with consistent quality and awesome speed.


I would like to thank you and the engineering team in advance for the fantastic job you’ve done to bring PT! to the excellent authoring/publishing tool it is today! It’s been a pleasure working with you!

Senior Content Engineer

Mil gracias para todo!! Thank you very much! Best technical support in the world!

Director, Latin American Business Development
NYC English

I want to say again, “v3 IS AWESOME!” The changes you’ve implemented for us make a big difference and the more I use it the more I realize how deficient v2.5 is.

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

We collaborated with Vidyatech to develop a Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Vidyatech did a stellar job of some cool and smart innovations. Supporting material encompassing the main course was very impressive. Detailed Lab Guides, Instructor Guides, Student Handbook as well as Assessment Tests, Mid-Term and End-Term Exams. Even included a copy of plagiarism scan report!

I would recommend Vidyatech for technical content development that needs to be creative and practical.

Project Manager
A Global Cybersecurity Company

I have worked with Vidyatech now for a few years and would recommend them to other teams needing technical expertise and proven PM skills.

Program Manager
Knowledge base Migration

It took us 6 to 7 man days per book, not taking into account the cycle time for editing and proof reading.
By using VidyaMagic™ the layout and design time has reduced to 2 books a day at one station. We were able to turnaround our first project with 150 titles in under 7 months, which could have easily taken more than a year.


I’ve taken a closer look at LMS. I like the function very much. Thank you for the good work!

Project Manager (Food & Community Safety)

I am glad to report that it a very robust and easy to use system. This can also be used for T&D and other learning needs.

Sr. Manager- India Hiring Lead

Scrub teams, you are THE BEST! Congratulations to everyone on doing such high-quality work in record time. This was a great cross-company team effort and will make a big difference for customers.

Senior Manager

Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience during this migration. You turn a 6-month project into less than one quarter! Most sites are already live and everything looks great.
Thanks again for a successful project.

Project Lead

Thanks, this is exactly what we needed! Also thanks to the team for assistance on such short notice, it is GREATLY appreciated!

Senior Manager

Thanks for coming up with a way to resolve this. I had contacted several people in the group that created this tool and they could not help.

Senior Manager

We have been using VidyaMagic™ and the services of Vidyatech for the past two years and are currently working on producing the third round of 150+ titles.
Using VidyaMagic™ has made it very simple and easy for us, to publish and present the same content in a digital format.
It truly is magic!


I would like to highlight that the sales and pre-sales support from Vidyatech and their management is simply amazing. Thank you for the great job that you guys have been doing and please keep up the good work.

Principal Client Services Manager
A Global Cybersecurity Company

Vidyatech as a IT team come across as a thoroughly professional and passionately dedicated team with every member focused on project deliverables and client satisfaction! They are ambitious and have a continuous thirst to learn and demonstrate their skills contributing to immense business value. Their strength is their never give up attitude which would take them miles ahead in today's tough competitive world!
Wishing them Best of Luck!

Project Manager
A Global Cybersecurity Company

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