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Content Technology

Custom Technology, 3rd-party Technology Customization, CMS Customization, and Content Migration

Vidyatech is a preferred technology partner to many global content and eLearning producers. We have been a pioneer in developing content business solutions, content migration, proprietary technology maintenance, and third-party technology customization, and help businesses improve performance in learning and knowledge management. For around two decades, we have been the ‘Go to Team’ for the trickiest of content technology problems.

Our Content Technology Services

Custom Technology

CMS Customization

Content Migration

Custom Technology

For these global leaders, we have designed, developed, and deployed many innovative solutions, including eLearning platforms, Online Assessment Systems, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Digital Asset Management Systems, Automated Proof Reading and Standardization Tools, and Instructional Design Support Systems.

VidyaMagicTM, our patent pending flagship product, enables the development of interactive learning material in simple tools, like Microsoft Word. Using the product, our customers can publish the learning content on multiple platforms in multiple formats.

3rd-party Technology Customization

We also customize, maintain, and support customer’s proprietary solutions built on third-party technologies.

CMS customization

Our global customers have entrusted us with the customization, maintenance, and sustained engineering of their proprietary Content Management Systems (CMS) as well as their business portals built on off-the-shelf CMS platforms.

Our expertise in the design and development of CMS and other content technology solutions enables us to offer unique one-window services for the development of custom CMS or customization of an existing CMS to meet customer’s unique requirements.


We have developed community sites in WordPress that use Microsoft ACS Authentication. We have also developed custom responsive themes.


We have developed corporate websites and custom community sites with blogs and forums. We have experience of building custom responsive themes and custom modules.


Vidyatech has extensive experience in SharePoint application development. We have developed applications that are integrated with Office tools such as Outlook to improve end user productivity.


With our extensive experience and expertise in .NET technologies and SharePoint, Kentico CMS customization becomes rather simple. We have built websites and community sites on Kentico.


This is again a CMS based on .NET platform. We have built a custom workflow and automated publishing system on top of the Umbraco CMS.

Telligent/Zimbra Community Server

We have developed and maintained custom corporate community sites built in originally Telligent Community Server. We have also migrated sites to the new Zimbra Community.


We have developed corporate websites and custom community sites with blogs and forums. We have also migrated to Drupal community sites built on Telligent Community Server and Joomla. We have experience of building custom responsive themes and custom modules including hooks and tokens.

Better CMS

With our team’s extensive expertise in .NET technologies, we have Better CMS to develop and maintain corporate websites. From customizing templates to widgets per user requirements, we have also used our capabilities to enable role-based editing.

Content Migration

Since early 2000, Vidyatech has enabled organizations to migrate large volumes of content from one platform/CMS to another in record time. Be it sites built on Telligent Community Server, or Joomla, or Drupal, we have seamlessly migrated content for our global clients using custom tools. We have also provided unique solutions and services to migrate knowledge base and learning assets from unsupported, proprietary, legacy CBT technologies to modern eLearning platforms and systems.

Vidyatech Customized Approach

One must not fiddle with content, which is the essence. Any manual intervention can cause errors, and thus, we believe in automation. After understanding the real pain points, we analyze the source content to be migrated to identify patterns in content elements and templates which can be mapped with the target post migration.

Any migration strategy or tool is first tested on representative samples in staging environment before bulk processing. The selected approach then takes into consideration the proprietary tools at the customer’s end, or any compliance requirements, if any.

At times, large migration exercise results in broken links/images, or non-working controls, which are suitably handled by our team of experts. Our migration process includes end-to-end release management, from content conversion and content scrubbing to content publishing, as and when required.

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