Customer Success Story


With a view to developing 21st-century smart skills in students and transforming the classroom teaching, our customer iDiscoveri designed and developed high-quality instructional manuals under the program named XSEED. It used Vidyatech’s exclusive patent-pending product - VidyaMagic™ – that gave them 600% improvement in productivity. The layout and design time for these manuals was reduced to two books a day at one station. Moreover, it became easier and less time consuming for them to print and publish these manuals in different formats.

VidyaMagic has helped us manage our entire process of creating instruction manuals for school teachers. We could publish and produce more than 150 titles, with an average of 200 pages in each, with consistent quality and awesome speed. We started the project with layout and design of every page… It took us 6 to 7 man-days per book, not taking into account the cycle time for editing and proof reading. By using VidyaMagic, the layout and design time has reduced to 2 books a day at one station. We could turnaround our first project with 150 titles in under 7 months, which could have easily taken more than a year. We’ve been using VidyaMagic and the services of Vidyatech for the past two years and are currently working on producing the third round of 150+ titles…It truly is magic!!!

Co-founder, iDiscoveri



The customer aimed at designing an exclusive product with an international approach and it gathered inputs from the best teaching faculty. However, it was a challenging task to manage the entire process of creating these manuals for teachers who were novice computer users. Moreover, the need to create hundreds of curriculum manuals and publish these simultaneously in print and online formats was also urgent, as the new academic year was approaching. A manual of consistent quality, consisting of hundreds of pages, was required to be produced each day, keeping in view the crucial aspects like usability and security.


After understanding the customer’s requirements and carefully studying the issues and bottlenecks in the existing development process, Vidyatech developed a short-term and long-term plan to be achieved. Keeping the limitations in mind, like non-tech-savvy teachers, easy templates were designed, and the overall output was kept sophisticated. VidyaMagic™ was customized to automatically publish the professionally designed books and the online content in a secure and encrypted format. We also designed and developed a custom browser for securing online content.


Using Vidyatech’s VidyaMagic™, in less than seven months, the customer could produce and publish over 150 titles, with an average of 200 pages in each title.

  • Drastically reduced the layout and design time to two books a day at one station from 6 to 7 man-days per book.
  • Achieved both quality and quantity targets in a stipulated timeframe.
  • Online version was automatically published as a byproduct of book creation.
  • Easy for new and novice teachers to use customer input templates and automatically publish books.

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